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UCLA Anderson & AnderTech

AnderTech is proud to partner with corporate recruiters to connect the tech community with our members. 

UCLA Anderson is one of the top business schools for the Tech industry. Anderson students are well known among leading Tech companies for having a vision for "Shared Success" and conveying a collaborative spirit; attributes Tech companies strive for in their employees. AnderTech provides the tools and resources that enable Anderson students to land their ideal roles in the Tech industry.

Annual recruiting stats:
Class of 2013:
Students Accepting Full-Time roles within Tech Industry: 26.2%

Class of 2014:
Students Accepting Full-Time roles within Tech Industry: 28.3%

Class of 2015:
Students Accepting Full-Time roles within Tech Industry: Coming Soon


Parker Career Management Center

The Parker Career Management Center serves as the official liaison to UCLA Anderson full-time MBA students. Click here to learn the many ways you can recruit full-time MBAs.  


AnderTech marquee events:

Companies can participate in a variety of events including our Career Nights and Days on the Job (DOJs). Our corporate partners can also host individual presentations and mixers.

Career Night: This annual event, is held during the fall quarter (early December) to connect students with technology company representatives through series of informal round table discussions. Students have the opportunity to engage with potential employers to learn more about the company, culture, and current priorities. Some of the past participants include: Cisco, Google, HP, Symantec, IBM, Epson, Disney, Sony, Deloitte, Qualcomm, Intel, Microsoft, and Zynga.

Days-on-the-Job (DOJ): DOJs enable students to visit companies in the tech epicenters of the world.  AnderTech currently hosts DOJ events at three locations:

  • Silicon Valley: Held during the fall quarter (early November), this annual trek gives students firsthand experience on what it is like to work at some of the most reputable tech companies today. In addition, students learn about the various employment opportunities within each organization and network with recruiters and current employees.
  • Seattle: Given Seattle’s growing presence as a tech hub, AnderTech organizes a DOJ in the fall quarter (early November) so students can visit tech companies in the Pacific Northwest. Similar to the other DOJs, the Seattle DOJ gives students the chance to network and learn more about future employers in person.
  • Los Angeles: AnderTech recognizes the thriving local tech community and plans DOJ visits to companies in the greater Southern California area throughout the school year, with a focus in early Spring Quarter (March and April).

If you'd like to take part in our events please contact on of our AnderTech VPs of Recuiter Relations:

  • On Campus: Kevin Skup,
  • Silicon Valley Tech-Trek: Jennifer Wu,
  • Silicon Valley Tech-Trek: Stephanie Au-Yeung,
  • Seattle Tech-Trek: Lauren Cook,
  • Seattle Tech-Trek: Suzie Lee,